Green Cars

Some businesses fly and others, to survive, have to reinvent themselves. Some get close to death and ask for charity. The Big Three Car Companies need to skip the bailout and serve the needs of the people.

Selling more portable polluting machines that kill the environment is not going to win public favor.

SOLUTION! If hundreds of other companies have greened up, so can the car companies.

Now let’s be clear, they haven’t all become environmentally friendly. They’ve just greened up. Green logos, green billboard ads, green t-shirts, green stickers, green promotional products – eye-catching and still planet-killing.

Slightly on the insincere side, but a fab move and you can’t bitch with success. And success is what the Big Three need. So stop waffling Big Car Guys. Go green. And I don’t mean electric or hybrids. Nope, too costly. I’m saying paint all the cars green. The Green Revolution has reminded us the life-and-death importance of fashion. It’s got to look good before it feels right. So cover the problems with a coat of fresh, grass-smelling green paint. And the next wave of immigrants will arrive in the land where the streets are lined with green.

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2 Responses to Green Cars

  1. Wesley says:

    Electric cars are green! Its just a matter of getting the electricity with a mud guard lock different way. For example: purchase a couple solar panels and or wind turbine and plug in your electric to them to produce 100% clean green power generated form free sunlight and wind converted into fuel for you beautiful green vehicle! PROBLEM SOLVED!

  2. Yeppo says:

    Dear Wesley,
    Please read How to Know When Someone Is Joking.
    All the best,

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