In a week that reported Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man because he gave away a huge chunk of his fortune (Philanthropist) and Charlie Sheen lost his job on Two and Half Men because he gave away a huge chunk of his brain (Pisseditallawayatist), Yeppo Talks gives you a very busy podcast. Busy, busy, bee-zee. Full of comedy, timely and timeless (yet to be determined), Yeppo Talks is here for you because time zips by and then we wonder, “What the hell was that all about?” So let’s be thankful for the one important thing we can hold on to: lunacy.

Show Notes for Smurple:

00:16 Word of the day
00:30 Joke of the day
00:44 Editorial – What to Do About Climate Change
01:08 New Music with Keith – Charlie Sheen’s Dad
02:06 Traffic Report with Margaret’s Boyfriend
02:40 Weather Report with Margaret
02:52 Wrap-Up
03:12 Yeppo Talks Theme and Credits

You can watch the Charlie Sheen’s Dad video here. And check out Smurple Talks here. And this week’s show is here:

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