Arctic Soup Recipe

I tried an experiment. Inspired by the Global Warming or None Like it Hot segment in An Inconvenient Truth, I schlepped a giant ice cube upstairs to my bath tub.

With the bathtub full of warm water – to simulate rising temperatures – I gingerly lay the ice cube in the tub and waited. 1…2…2 and a half. 3 minutes in, my large block of ice was sweating cold water, sliding down the sides, entering the tub, one drop at a time. As the water level rose, I grinned, for the power I experienced at that moment was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Control. A controlled experiment.

Until the bathtube overflowed, covering the bathroom floor with enough water to submerge my darling feet (full disclosure – I was wearing galoshes), I experienced the experience of losing control.

Anticipating the flood, I had also placed my daughter’s stuffed animal, a polar bear, on the bathroom floor. It didn’t swim as well as I had hoped.

Postscript: Inspired by the classic rubber duck, in a follow-up ‘controlled’ experiment the stuffed polar bear was substituted with a plastic one, since plastic floats beautifully in water.

Now, the Yeppo Talks Podcast.

Show Notes for How to Conduct a Controlled Experiment:

00:11 Intro
00:22 Form a Hypothesis
00:28 Test the Hypothesis
00:34 Evaluate the Hypothesis
00:42 Wrap-Up

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