This is Not Funny (A Yeppo Talks Mission Statement – Long Version)

Lies. Misinformation. All in a day’s work.

What a mess, all the information.

Language accounts for about 7% of our inter-personal communication yet language is used heavily in conversation, email, texting, chatting, info boards, presentations, boring power point presentations…oh god, I’m bored already. I did not mean to start off as a pedant. What I mean to say is, there is plenty of stuff being said, then stuff after the fact to clarify the earlier stuff.

But all this so-called dialogue does not get to the heart of the discussion which is about common goodness and common badness. And we’ve taken up many of these “dialogues” in cyberspace. We don’t have access to real faces, just pretend ones. In this case I’m challenging my own laziness, one learned and practised since 1995, getting in on a dialogue that is fractured. But I put my trust in many individuals who are doing good – science or no science – and have in their hearts one cause – to save this beautiful world. This sphere suspended in space with it’s bio-diversity, seasonal cycles and built-in spirituality. Al Gore’s recent article in Rolling Stone (Climate of Denial, RS June 22, 2011) was his most direct attack on the crisis. His message? Act Now. This crisis requires urgency.

Record temperatures were everywhere this summer. And what’s more, between the extreme heat was strange, sudden temperature shifts accompanied in some cases by freaky storms.

I suppose, if we have ‘jobs’ then insurance will cover us when the next tsunami arrives? As if creating a sustainable planet through innovative job creation is an obstacle to a strong economy. The next bailout will be one large ark and a huge bucket.

The issue is not, “How can we convince the naysayers, using unfailing logic, that we have to change the way we live on a daily basis?” but rather, “No time to talk. Act now, more Acts of God on the way.”

Misinformation (lies) also comes with an added aggression, an absence of logic or a desire for discourse or a need to get “it” right so we can make the planet really really good for many or most or all people. Those gradations are not intended as initial data for those who need constant science to support an inkling of some kind. Just like an achy knee or a head (aka headache) or a post-surgery incision can detect a change in atmospheric pressure you don’t need to have constant science to figure out something is going wonky with weather. The science is needed for the naysayers and that doesn’t do much either because apparently if you don’t like something, all you have to do is decide to disagree with all points from the other side because pride, self-interest and a loud mouth is all you need to get you through.

Passion, passion, passion. Speak with passion and that’s all you need, some think, to cut down a belief. Logic doesn’t work. I like Bill Mahr’s recent comment on Real Time about getting our own superhero, like the Republicans have. “Our own loudmouth.”

The internet in all it’s forms (Websites, Twitter, Facebook etc.) has plenty of anti-global warming sentiment, shooting down the discussion of global warming. Then there are those other loudmouths – me included – saying, “Let’s do something to save this beautiful place, if not for us then for our children.” I suppose, that might trigger a few nasty responses like, “Are you saying I don’t care for my children?”

No, I’m saying you’re taking this too personally. This is not about you. It’s greater than you. God, I can’t be funny when I take a hard-line position like this.

Furthermore,  to combat the semantic/scientific data warfare about rising temperatures, global warming is actually climate change, and the freaky weather that threatens more people each year is also a threat to those who put faith in God and oil.

Climate change is not hype. Environmental illnesses, natural disasters (for the naysayers, God-created disasters) with catastrophic results, and plain old “What the hell happened to my Spring and Fall seasons?” are now normal. Freaky is normal.

Just because we can’t convince all the people all the time doesn’t mean it isn’t happening? And something is happening. This winter, where I live, there has been little snow and most of what I hear is , “I’m not complaining. This is awesome.”

If it weren’t for all the goddamn pollution I suppose we could discuss this with another perspective but there are too many variables, man-made variables – many caused by our reliance on fossil fuels, by now, an argument so old it is tired.

This is the only time I will let it all out like this. The rest of Yeppo Talks is comedy sometimes based on what I think needs pissing on – and sometimes it’s just plain silly because we all need silly to get through the day. I’m grateful that I was exposed to Monty Python, The Goons, Steve Martin and Saturday Night Live (to name a few) growing up.

I will not convince those who need convincing with more reality about climate change. It’s here, it’s still coming. And now it’s time to keep laughing so we can get on with our work.

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