12 Other Ways To Use an Oil Pipeline

An oil pipeline has many more uses than we are led to believe. I’ve come up with a few that you can start doing right away.

1. Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

2. Balance Beam


3. Travel

The Alaska oil pipeline reflected in a beautiful lake at sunset

4. Recharge Your Batteries


5. Binoculars


6. Learn Sign Language

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline  pipelineImprove Sign Language 3

7. Photo Op

Transport Climate Change Deniers to Northern Canada

8. Lifting Weights

Lift Weights

9. Game Park

Game Park 2

10. First Date

First Date

11. Still Life Painting

Still Life painting

12. Facepainting

China Pipeline Explosions

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5 Responses to 12 Other Ways To Use an Oil Pipeline

  1. Dan Fenster says:

    I am so glad that someone is willing to look at the positive side of the looming pipeline takeover! As you pointed out, the possibilities are nearly endless and bring with it huge, unforeseen quality of life advantages. So often I have somberly looked out at the trees while ruminating on what was missing, a certain something to add pizazz to the humdrum repetition of wood, leaf, wood, leaf… As far back as I could remember I have fantasized about starting my own tarpit/oil pool in my backyard. A place where my children could go out alone and enjoy an enriched environment that takes a game of tag or hide and go seek to a whole new level. A special world that allows an unparallelled opportunity for creating a still uninvented plethora of games previously hidden due to the limits of living in an outdoor space where nature dominates. Dirt, trees and see through water are just not enough for the children of today. Time to join the great people of moneyworld and embrace this infallible technology. The pipes, the pipes are calling….from glen to glen….

  2. Paul Franchi says:

    Dear Roberto,
    I am American now. Canadians – we need your oil – send it down !!! Don’t send it to China.

  3. Yeppo says:

    Dear Paul – It’s in the mail.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who knew?!? Thanks for sharing Yeppo!

  5. David Bee. says:

    Love the face painting one!

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