It’s the Green Economy, Stupid

I’m an idiot. No matter how much I read I’m always behind in cutting edge thought. There’s too much information to make decisions when deciding which information is most useful. For one, I am one of those who believe, wrongly so, that focusing on new clean energy – already I feel old and tired using old and tired language – would be a boon to the economy. But apparently, the economy is so complex that considering a significant shift – out with the Fords, the Chryslers and the GM’s – we should not save the planet but rather save an economy because without the economy hardworking people would be out of a job but without a planet we can still have a good, strong, stable economy.

Now I get it.

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Arctic Soup Recipe

I tried an experiment. Inspired by the Global Warming or None Like it Hot segment in An Inconvenient Truth, I schlepped a giant ice cube upstairs to my bath tub.

With the bathtub full of warm water – to simulate rising temperatures – I gingerly lay the ice cube in the tub and waited. 1…2…2 and a half. 3 minutes in, my large block of ice was sweating cold water, sliding down the sides, entering the tub, one drop at a time. As the water level rose, I grinned, for the power I experienced at that moment was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

Control. A controlled experiment.

Until the bathtube overflowed, covering the bathroom floor with enough water to submerge my darling feet (full disclosure – I was wearing galoshes), I experienced the experience of losing control.

Anticipating the flood, I had also placed my daughter’s stuffed animal, a polar bear, on the bathroom floor. It didn’t swim as well as I had hoped.

Postscript: Inspired by the classic rubber duck, in a follow-up ‘controlled’ experiment the stuffed polar bear was substituted with a plastic one, since plastic floats beautifully in water.

Now, the Yeppo Talks Podcast.

Show Notes for How to Conduct a Controlled Experiment:

00:11 Intro
00:22 Form a Hypothesis
00:28 Test the Hypothesis
00:34 Evaluate the Hypothesis
00:42 Wrap-Up

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In a week that reported Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man because he gave away a huge chunk of his fortune (Philanthropist) and Charlie Sheen lost his job on Two and Half Men because he gave away a huge chunk of his brain (Pisseditallawayatist), Yeppo Talks gives you a very busy podcast. Busy, busy, bee-zee. Full of comedy, timely and timeless (yet to be determined), Yeppo Talks is here for you because time zips by and then we wonder, “What the hell was that all about?” So let’s be thankful for the one important thing we can hold on to: lunacy.

Show Notes for Smurple:

00:16 Word of the day
00:30 Joke of the day
00:44 Editorial – What to Do About Climate Change
01:08 New Music with Keith – Charlie Sheen’s Dad
02:06 Traffic Report with Margaret’s Boyfriend
02:40 Weather Report with Margaret
02:52 Wrap-Up
03:12 Yeppo Talks Theme and Credits

You can watch the Charlie Sheen’s Dad video here. And check out Smurple Talks here. And this week’s show is here:

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The Governator Goes Forth

Arnold Schwarzenegger commands attention. Big. BIG. BIG. It started with his arms and spread to his ego. But who said there’s anything wrong with ego, if you get my id. I love Arnold and kudos to doing what you want whether it’s bodybuilding, politics or cheating on your wife. Some of the following episode (author’s note: it’s two parts glued together) is taken from my stand-up routine and should sound dated very soon. Rather than link to some Schwarzenegger bio and lose you forever, may I suggest you brush up on your Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography to get the full appreciation of the jokes. If not, I believe my dry delivery will be enough.

Show Notes for The Governator Goes Forth

0:18 Rimbambito News
0:26 Arnold Schwarzenegger interview
0:44 Governator’s plan to tackle Global Warming
1:00 Interlude
1:05 Monkeys on Radio (with Ricky Ricky)
1:11 News – Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Hollywood
1:31 Brand new interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger
1:39 The Governator reflects on his amazing life
1:58 The Governator’s plans for the future
2:22 The Governator does Hamlet
2:45 Interlude (Again?)
2:50 Ricky Ricky Recap (True Lies About Arnold)
3:06 Yeppo Talks Theme & Credits

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Sketch Bitch

This sketch is special, a blend of my childhood faves, Eddie Murphy & Richard Pryor. Sketch Bitch would not be out of place on Saturday Night Live.

Show notes for Sketch Bitch:

00:11 Introduction
00:24 Sketch Bitch samples
00:38 Special requests
00:55 Collectable Sketch Bitch Products

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