The Governator Goes Forth

Arnold Schwarzenegger commands attention. Big. BIG. BIG. It started with his arms and spread to his ego. But who said there’s anything wrong with ego, if you get my id. I love Arnold and kudos to doing what you want whether it’s bodybuilding, politics or cheating on your wife. Some of the following episode (author’s note: it’s two parts glued together) is taken from my stand-up routine and should sound dated very soon. Rather than link to some Schwarzenegger bio and lose you forever, may I suggest you brush up on your Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography to get the full appreciation of the jokes. If not, I believe my dry delivery will be enough.

Show Notes for The Governator Goes Forth

0:18 Rimbambito News
0:26 Arnold Schwarzenegger interview
0:44 Governator’s plan to tackle Global Warming
1:00 Interlude
1:05 Monkeys on Radio (with Ricky Ricky)
1:11 News – Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Hollywood
1:31 Brand new interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger
1:39 The Governator reflects on his amazing life
1:58 The Governator’s plans for the future
2:22 The Governator does Hamlet
2:45 Interlude (Again?)
2:50 Ricky Ricky Recap (True Lies About Arnold)
3:06 Yeppo Talks Theme & Credits


Margaret’s Boyfriend Part 1

This episode focuses on relationships.  How they work, how they break down and a way to fix them. Fix them, that is, the Yeppo Talks way. On today’s episode, two new characters are introduced: Margaret and her guy. Lovers in a dangerous place. On with the show.

Show notes for Margaret’s Boyfriend Part 1:

00:11 Margaret’s boyfriend and Margaret
00:45 Eleven O’Clock News
00:51 Lovers in Space