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12 Other Ways To Use an Oil Pipeline

An oil pipeline has many more uses than we are led to believe. I’ve come up with a few that you can start doing right away. 1. Jungle Gym 2. Balance Beam 3. Travel 4. Recharge Your Batteries 5. Binoculars … Continue reading

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It’s the Green Economy, Stupid

I’m an idiot. No matter how much I read I’m always behind in cutting edge thought. There’s too much information to make decisions when deciding which information is most useful. For one, I am one of those who believe, wrongly … Continue reading

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The Governator Goes Forth

Arnold Schwarzenegger commands attention. Big. BIG. BIG. It started with his arms and spread to his ego. But who said there’s anything wrong with ego, if you get my id. I love Arnold and kudos to doing what you want … Continue reading

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Oh, Whoa the Polar Bear

  Ice is taking it’s time to form in northeastern Manitoba. Late to arrive but the polar bears are waiting, the result is that our white furry fish-loving snarlies may be marooned, so to speak, with no means of getting to where … Continue reading

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