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The Idea in a Thought Bubble

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12 Other Ways To Use an Oil Pipeline

An oil pipeline has many more uses than we are led to believe. I’ve come up with a few that you can start doing right away. 1. Jungle Gym 2. Balance Beam 3. Travel 4. Recharge Your Batteries 5. Binoculars … Continue reading

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This is Not Funny (A Yeppo Talks Mission Statement – Long Version)

Lies. Misinformation. All in a day’s work. What a mess, all the information. Language accounts for about 7% of our inter-personal communication yet language is used heavily in conversation, email, texting, chatting, info boards, presentations, boring power point presentations…oh god, … Continue reading

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It’s the Green Economy, Stupid

I’m an idiot. No matter how much I read I’m always behind in cutting edge thought. There’s too much information to make decisions when deciding which information is most useful. For one, I am one of those who believe, wrongly … Continue reading

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Arctic Soup Recipe

I tried an experiment. Inspired by the Global Warming or None Like it Hot segment in An Inconvenient Truth, I schlepped a giant ice cube upstairs to my bath tub. With the bathtub full of warm water – to simulate … Continue reading

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