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Mean People

This episode features Ricky Ricky, the DJ with words of wisdom. Show Notes for Mean People: 0:11 Monkeys on Radio 0:29 Word of the Day 0:35 Editorial 1:08 Joke Time 1:11 Yeppo Talks Theme & Credits

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This is Not Funny (A Yeppo Talks Mission Statement – Long Version)

Lies. Misinformation. All in a day’s work. What a mess, all the information. Language accounts for about 7% of our inter-personal communication yet language is used heavily in conversation, email, texting, chatting, info boards, presentations, boring power point presentations…oh god, … Continue reading

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Arctic Soup Recipe

I tried an experiment. Inspired by the Global Warming or None Like it Hot segment in An Inconvenient Truth, I schlepped a giant ice cube upstairs to my bath tub. With the bathtub full of warm water – to simulate … Continue reading

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In a week that reported Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man because he gave away a huge chunk of his fortune (Philanthropist) and Charlie Sheen lost his job on Two and Half Men because he gave away … Continue reading

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The Governator Goes Forth

Arnold Schwarzenegger commands attention. Big. BIG. BIG. It started with his arms and spread to his ego. But who said there’s anything wrong with ego, if you get my id. I love Arnold and kudos to doing what you want … Continue reading

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